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Coffee Machine Scaling - Cleaning Your Coffee Machine
What is "Scale"?
(lime) Scale is the build up of minerals inside your coffee machine.This term is derived from areas that have a high lime content in their water. In fact any mineral that comes out of solution from heat can deposit itself in the water carrying parts of your coffee machine. Typically this will affect your boiler, the pumps and any parts that carry hot water. The areas of your coffee machine where the water sits still for a while (such as the boiler) are worst affected.

Why should I worry about it?
Here are the main effects of lime scale build up:
  • Slowing the water flow
  • Reduction of boiler capacity
  • Coffee machine becomes non-functional
  • Potential heating problems

What determines how often I should Descale?
The quality of your water and the volume of water running through your machine determine the time between scalings.

Why Choose Euro Coffee Machine Services to Descale my Machine?

As approved repairers for brands such as Saeco and Gagia, we have developed the techniques and quality practices to ensure all scaling activities adhere to the waranty guidlines set forth in your contract.

Some of the reasons to choose us:

  • We use a proper citric acid based descaling solution designed for coffee machines.
  • Our Descaling service includes cleaning burnt milk off the spout and ensuring the rest of the sytem internals are clean
  • We repeat this over a minnimum of 5 cycles of flushing the machine
  • We provide quality assurance checks to ensure all descaling cleaning solution is removed from your machine

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