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Home Cleaning / Scaling supplies



Cleaning & Scaling Accessories

Here at Euro Coffee Machine Services, we stock a range of supplies to keep your coffee machine running at it's best.

You will find several products in this section, but we recommend contacting us first to make sure the product is best suited for your Coffee Machine.

Cafetto's Milk Frother Cleaner

Cafetto's Milk Frother Cleaner is a solution recommended for the removal of hardened milk scum and sanitizing of steam arms, automatic frothing devices and milk jugs.

The steam wands, auto frothers and milk lines of our coffee machines are continuously being used to froth milk, allowing us to enjoy great tasting Cappuccinos and Latte's. The heating of the milk causes the formation of unhygienic milk scum. The milk scum quickly hardens and is extremely difficult to remove, necessitating the use of a cleaning agent to remove the resulting deposits.Although flushing steam wands and auto frothers regularly with water will help minimize the occurrence of blockages, a cleaning agent is needed to remove and prevent blockages in steam wands and auto frothers.

It breaks down milk protein build up and sanitizes your milk frother.




Cino Cleano® Liquid Descaler

Do you take your coffee with scales or without? Cino Cleano® Liquid Descaler will safely descale (decalcify) your home espresso machine.

Regular use of Cino Cleano® Liquid Descaler will keep your coffee machine performing at its best and producing great tasting, clean coffee - without the scales!



Super Automatic Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

Cafetto S15 Tablets are recommended for cleaning Schaerer, Franke, Solis, SCS, Stentorfield, Egro, Saeco, Rex Royal, Macco and Miele machines.